GL Best Lines Friday 8/8/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/8/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: I'm not worried about a thing. I think it's all going to turn out just fine.

Beth: Really?

Alan: Yes.

Beth: Really? Then why is it that you were tossing and turning last night? I mean, the fact is that neither one of us knows if everything is going to be just fine.

Alan: I have to believe that it is, though. Hmm?

Beth: Well, I need more than that.

Alan: Well, I guess I'll just have to believe enough for both of us.

Jeffrey: Dalton, I heard you lost last week.

Dalton: Guess that means I'm due.

Jeffrey: I don't know how you do it.

Dalton: Do what?

Jeffrey: Deliver your opening statement while keeping a straight face. It's going to be particularly difficult this time, I would think.

Dalton: Well, you remember first year law, right? "Never get emotionally involved with your clients." Consider that my gift to you. I wouldn't want this to be totally one-sided, but, uh... I'm thinking my advice might be a little too late.

Cyrus: I know this is a tough day for you.

Cassie: I'm handling it all right.

Cyrus: It's, uh... (clears throat) It's tough for me, too.

Cassie: Now that takes guts. Saying that to me.

Cassie: You want to know if I would frame your client?

Dalton: Yes.

Cassie: To make myself feel better about losing my little girl?

Dalton: Yes.

Cassie: (Sighs) Yes. The answer is yes. There was a time when I might have done that. But that time has passed. There was a time when I would have done anything to feel better. Absolutely anything. But time is an amazing thing. And that stupid cliché about how it heals... it turns out, it's true. I'm better now. I know who I am, and I know what I want. And I know who I have to be on the inside. I can't be bitter; I can't have that hunger for revenge anymore. It's not who I was before, and my Tammy wouldn't want me to be that way now. And I have two sons, and I want them to know love and happiness and forgiveness and everything else so that they have a chance of growing up to be the kind of person that their big sister was.

Dalton: I think we're getting a little off track right now...

Cassie: No. You asked me, and now I'm going to give you a full answer. Whatever happens here today, I'm not going to let it determine the rest of my life. I know the truth. I know why my daughter is gone. And I know how she would react, even if-- God forbid-- this trial doesn't go the way she would want it to. I know that she would move on, and she wouldn't let the past drag her down. In my heart, I know he's guilty. The courtrooms, trials... anything can happen. He can get off on a technicality or a mistrial, whatever. I don't have any control over that. But I do have control over me. So, no, Mr. Reid. The real answer to your question is no.

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