GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/6/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/6/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: I'm going to keep you out of prison.

Grady: How?

Cyrus: Let's just say I've got a way to stay one step ahead of the D.A.

Grady: We'd need to have someone on the inside, you know? Someone... Marina? All this time that you'd been going out with Harley, I thought you'd turned soft, but you are cold, Cyrus. Hm! ( Laughs ) I feel better already.

Dinah: You know, I love the little soaps and shampoos and the white fluffy robe is fantastic!

Mallet: Hmm. Can I give you a quarter so you can call your mother?

Dinah: Yeah, and get another lecture? No thank you, I'll pass.

Mallet: At least she can afford your bail.

Dinah: So can my brother.

Mallet: Call your mother.

Dinah: No, you don't know my brother like I do, and he's not going to let me rot in here.

Mallet: Dinah...

Dinah: Tell housekeeping I would like turn-down service tonight. Thank you.

Marina: Choose me over Harley? Because I am just that irresistible?

Cyrus: Well, you are, you know?

Marina: What I am is the lead detective on your brother's case...

Cyrus: Come on, Marina...

Marina: Cyrus, I can see through you. And odds are, if I can see through you, I'm imagining that my aunt could see through you, too. Nothing changes with you. Everything's an angle, and every female's a mark.

Cyrus: That's not true.

Marina: You know, I never had the courage to ask before, but I think I'm ready to hear it now. Why did Harley decide not to come back to you? What did you do?

Cyrus: You're the detective.

Marina: You cheated on her. Just like you cheated on me.

Cyrus: It doesn't make me a serial player.

Marina: No, Cyrus, it makes you worse. You get people to fall for you-- fall in love with you-- and then that's when you stick them with the knife.

Daisy: Yeah. At least you got to know her. At least you were her friend.

Lizzie: ( Scoffs ) Some friend, look what I did to her.

Daisy: Yeah, well, you weren't in the car.

Lizzie: That doesn't let me off the hook. Tammy and Jonathan. Tammy and Jonathan. They were so different, and yet so right together.

Daisy: What is it about the bad boys?

Lizzie: You know, I think it's because we think we can change them. But Tammy had it right. She never tried to change Jonathan.

Daisy: And look what it cost her.

Lizzie: Yeah, but knowing her, I bet she'd do it all over again.

Daisy: Is there really love like that? I mean, not like in the movies? Does anyone actually...

Lizzie: She did.

Daisy: Every time I come here, I ask her two questions. I ask her, "Does she forgive me?"

Lizzie: And second?

Daisy: "Was it worth it?"

Lizzie: I think we both know the answer to that.

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