GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/5/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/5/08


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: It's, uh... it's all random, isn't it, you know? It doesn't really make sense-- life, death. I mean, he was just a baby. He never did anything to anybody, and he dies. He doesn't survive. And you have people-- like myself-- who have lived... well, let's just call it a "morally questionable" life. And, you know, I get shot, I survive. This is wrong. Please don’t... don't tell me it's God's plan.

Josh: I wouldn't presume to know God's plan.

Jeffrey: You know, when Ava came back into my life, I thought, "Well, that is a sign." I thought, this is a chance for me to, you know, start over, right some wrongs. But what is the point of being her father if I couldn't help her, and I still cannot help her?

Josh: Yeah. I heard about the post-partum thing. Look, Jeffrey, I know you're new to this fatherhood business. With your kids, you want to be there for them all the time, to help them and to fix things, but sometimes you just can’t. And you feel helpless.

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Josh: But the bottom line is, bad things happen to everyone-- even to our children. And sometimes, you just have to accept the bad along with the good.

Jeffrey: Is that it?

Josh: Okay, plan B. How's this? I'm going to leave some money on the bar here. You have yourself a few more drinks, and then go down to that batting cage-- you know where it is-- and set yourself up there, and swing that bat as hard as you possibly can.

Jeffrey: That helps?

Josh: It's helped me in the past. It usually takes about 100 to 150 swings. And when you get all of that out of you-- when you get all of that hurt out of you-- you just might be able to help your daughter and be there for her.

Bill: You gave him money?

Dinah: Yes.

Bill: How much did you give him?

Dinah: It doesn't matter.

Bill: How much did you give him? Where did you get it?

Dinah: I cashed a check.

Bill: A check? Where did you get the check?

Dinah: Our company.

Bill: It's my company!

Mallet: Is everything all right here?

Bill: Oh, just in time! I want you to arrest my sister.

Mallet: Whoa, all right, stop. Everybody calm down, calm down, calm down.

Dinah: What are you talking about? What?

Bill: Yes-- helping Remy kidnap my child by embezzling money from my company, from my company.

Clayton: How's Ava?

Jeffrey: Well, you know, she's still in the hospital. She has that post-partum thing. And she doesn't know yet.

Clayton: Oh! Oh, man. I'm sorry.

Jeffrey: I don't know how you do it, this parenting thing, you know? Nobody told me about the part where you have to break your daughter's heart.

Clayton: You know, when Mel told me she was divorcing Rick, and it was over him cheating...

Jeffrey: How did you not kill him?

Clayton: Man, it took everything I had to not. But then I realized at that second that it wasn't about me. It was about her. It was about putting her needs first, man. Like, as soon as we as parents realize that, that we put our kids' needs first... you know, Ava’s going to be all right. She'll let you know when she's ready for the news. You'll know.

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