GL Best Lines Monday 7/28/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 7/28/08


Provided By Tanya

Josh: Do you remember when we carved that?

Reva: Don’t. Don't do that!

Josh: That had a lot of hope attached to that, Reva. That's not just some silly carving on a mantle. That is a promise we made to each other.

Reva: That's history!

Josh: Yeah.

Reva: We are history and it's over now. It's time to move on.

Josh: I'm glad you brought up history because ours has a common thread that has run through it.

Reva: Yeah, disaster.

Ava: Yeah. The baby, um... he also looks... he also looks a lot like Remy.

Jeffrey: ( Laughs ) Well, why would he look like Remy? Oh. Oh! Okay. I think I get the picture. I wish I didn't, but I think I do. You know, your mother... this damn weather in Canada, I just don't know how long this airport delay is going to take.

Ava: Remy's the father. He's the father and... and I'm the baby's mother.

Jeffrey: And Bill?

Ava: And Bill doesn't want anything to do... Bill doesn't want Remy to have anything to do with the baby. Bill wants to be Max’s father.

Jeffrey: ( Sighs ) With you? Hey, it's going to be okay. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I think you really need your mother. But I don't know how long this airport delay is going to take, so your old man's going to have to fill in for her, okay?

Josh: I like Jeffrey. I respect Jeffrey. I'm just saying you've got to stop stringing him along, that's all.

Reva: You know what I think? I think you've been wearing your collar a little too tight because it's cut off the circulation to your brain! I am going to marry Jeffrey! But now I have to leave because I need to go and visit my stepdaughter-- future stepdaughter-- in the hospital.

Josh: Okay, okay. I'm just saying, no matter where it is you register for your wedding gifts, you better make sure they accept returns.

Reva: Out!

Josh: This is the beginning, Reva, just the beginning. Every time you tell me how much you love Jeffrey, I'm going to prove to you that you love me more. Every time you say to me that we are done I'm going to prove to you that we are just beginning, Reva.

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