GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/23/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 7/23/08


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Yeah, well, he was supposed to get the endorsement from the governor today. We were this close, this close to moving into the governor's mansion and giving Max a life that he couldn't even dream of. And then a reporter came by and said that she saw Bill and Lizzie together. It's nothing.

Remy: It's nothing?

Ava: Yeah, it's nothing. It's nothing. It's really nothing but a big, huge mess.

Remy: If you ask me, you just dodged a major bullet.

Ava: What's that supposed to mean?

Remy: It means maybe this happened for a reason.

Ava: Okay. Here we go. I'm bracing myself for the "Bill's not good enough for you" lecture.

Remy: Well, he's not good enough for you. He's using you. He's using the kid, and he doesn't love you, Ava.

Ava: Oh, you don't know that he doesn’t...

Remy: Do you? Do you know?

Ava: I know that he loves the baby. I know that when he found out that the baby wasn't his, he stayed with us.

Remy: Oh, that love was just a press opportunity.

Ava: This can't be happening right now. Little Max can't be coming so soon. This can't be happening right now.

Remy: Listen, Ava, listen to me, Max is going to be fine, okay?

Ava: How do you know?

Remy: Because I do, and I am a trained professional.

Ava: Oh, my God! You've been an E.M.T. for, what, three weeks now? Ow!

Remy: All right. All right. I'll get you out of here if I have to wrench open the elevator door with bare hands.

Ava: Oh, even you don't work out that much.

Beth: Are they watching me eat?

Alan: You? No. Me? Possibly.

Beth: Yeah, well, it's creepy. And you know something? I am this close to going over there and smacking one of them.

Alan: Beth, don't do that. That would go against everything I have been saying to them about...

Beth: Can we have one meal without me having to listen to your teachings?

Woman 1: Can I pay for your meal?

Beth: No.

Woman 2: What are you doing after this?

Beth: He's busy.

Alan: Ladies, I want you to know that my son contacted me today.

Beth: Oh, great.

Woman 1: What did he say?

Alan: He told me that a baby was being born.

Woman 2: Incredible.

Beth: You know what is incredible? How delusional the three of you are. He is not speaking to Gus any more than I am speaking to this baked potato.

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