GL Best Lines Tuesday 7/22/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 7/22/08


Provided By Tanya

Josh: That was something.

Reva: Yeah. I had no idea how powerful it would be just being here. I mean, to see it and remember it. I mean, I knew I'd feel something. Okay, those are costumes, right? And the flowers kind of look like the flowers we had. But to actually see it and feel it. I knew I'd feel it, I just didn't know how much. You think they've started filming?

Josh: I think they're getting ready to, yes. Reva, did you mean what you said before to Jolene about feelings?

Reva: Every word. Standing up there with you like that was like a moment out of time or something. I felt like I was in this little bubble that was stuck between the... what was then and the what is now and what happened to us after that day and where our lives led us.

Josh: Kind of makes you wish we knew then what we know now, doesn't it?

Reva: Oh, come on, and take all the fun out of it? ( Laughs )

Josh: Well, I could have used a few less surprises, I think.

Reva: Well, you know, that was always the sticking point with you and me. But it was wild how just standing up there with you brought it all back. It's like we never left this place.

Josh: Maybe we haven’t.

Lizzie: Because your father told me, and what's your problem? He married you anyway.

Ava: Because you're intruding and I am so sick of it, Lizzie. You have to stop doing this.

Lizzie: I didn't do anything. You just came over here.

Ava: I came over here because I wanted to see...

Lizzie: Oh, you want to see if he's here? He's not here. But you can go look around if you want.

Ava: Bill and I are together. He could have walked out on me at any point, especially when you tried to stop him at the last minute.

Lizzie: I didn’t. Because I don't want him to pick me because I talked him into it or because I trapped him.

Ava: Really? Because that's exactly what happened when you came this close to marrying Coop.

Lizzie: It's not my fault that your husband's in love with me. You know, I think you've got a lot of nerve coming over here acting all self-righteous like you're some woman scorned, when your entire existence right now is based on lies.

Jeffrey: Well, you made your choice.

Reva: Yeah. It wasn't easy.

Jeffrey: It never is.

Reva: But it was right. I went with my heart.

Jeffrey: ( Laughs ) Well, of course you did. I mean, I can't fault you for that. That's one of the things I love about you. Well, no sense in dragging this out, huh? I mean, we're practically broken up anyway, right? Reva, I really just want you to be happy. Okay?

Reva: Where are you going? I chose you, you dummy.

Jeffrey: What?

Reva: I choose you, Jeffrey. I love you.

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