GL Best Lines Monday 7/21/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 7/21/08


Provided By Tanya

Josh: Wow! Okay. Casting did a great job. Thank you very much. You look... you look just like my father!

Reva: Your hat looks exactly like the one my mama wore. Thank you.

Josh: You look great, both of you, really. My name is Joshua Lewis, nice to meet you, and this, of course, is...

Movie H.B.: Like I don't know my darling Reva. And you, give your daddy a hug.

Josh: Okay.

Movie mother: I prayed this day would happen. It's a fairy tale come true.

Reva: It's been... it's been quite the experience.

Movie H.B.: What's with these two? They sound more like it's a funeral than a wedding.

Movie mother: Come on, H.B., do your stuff.

Movie H.B.: A toast to the bride and groom. May you be as happy and united as you are today.

Reva: Thank you.

Josh: Cheers.

Movie H.B.: I think I was a little over the top.

Movie mother: No.

Movie H.B.: Really? You feel it was okay?

Movie mother: I'm just unclear about my motivation.

Josh: That was a little freakish.

Reva: I think we... we need a drink.

Josh: Yeah, I... I agree, cheers.

Reva: Oh, damn, it's ginger ale.

Billy: Well, you know something, little brother, for having stole my bride right out from under me...

Josh: Stole your bride, Billy? Really? Is that the way you think of it?

Billy: Oh, you mean after all these years, you're still going to maintain that you really...

Movie H.B.: Whoa! Whoa! You're brothers, remember?

Billy: Hey, you stay out of this.

Josh: Yeah, we can handle this just fine.

Movie H.B.: Handle it how? Fisticuffs? Six guns? Is that what I taught you?

Billy: Yeah!

Josh: Yes.

Movie H.B.: ( Laughs ) Damn, I'm good.

Josh: Damn, you are good!

Billy: Oh, man! We're lucky we didn't get our butts whupped.

Josh: I'm kind of thinking I'd like to buy you a drink, old man. Would that be all right?

Movie H.B.: Sure thing, son. I'll have a bourbon...

Billy and Josh: And branch. We know.

Reva: I know my head's spinning, but I know this: When you stand in front of the preacher, today or tomorrow, whether it's for the movie or whether it's for real, if you really are in love, you say it.

Jolene: Even if you already know?

Reva: You say it. Because words matter. If you love him, you say it. You tell him. You tell him when you go to sleep at night. You tell him when you wake up in the morning. You tell him when you fight and when you kiss and make up. You tell him when you want to and you tell him even when you don't want to. If you love him, you say it. Every day. And never stop.

Jolene: Wow. Are those lines in the script? Because they should be.

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