GL Best Lines Friday 7/18/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 7/18/08


Provided By Tanya

Reva: They're shooting our wedding today.

Josh: Which one?

Reva: Funny, ha-ha. Come on, good food, great music, you coming or what?

Josh: Reva, I am done with this movie. I really am. I can't seem to forget how well things went at the screening.

Reva: They want us to be extras in it. It would be like watching our own funeral.

Josh: Interesting choice of words.

Daisy: It's a nice souvenir. Do you keep all of your wedding dresses, or just the ones from your weddings to Josh?

Reva: It was in storage, but the costume designer wanted to see it for the movie.

Daisy: And you decided to keep it?

Reva: Just until the shoot is over, and then I'm going to put it right back into storage. Look, I know you hate me right now, but you have to help me with this!

Daisy: What is the big deal?

Reva: I want to look good on film. I'm going to be captured forever.

Daisy: Always.

Reva: I heard that.

Daisy: Yeah. I don't care.

Reva: Come on. I know I'm just going to be in the background, but I want to look good, you know. For the day when your kids grow up and see this and...

Daisy: Oh, yeah, my kids. The kids I have with my cookie-cutter husband that you guys pick out from like a mail-order catalog, because everyone has a say in my life, except for me.

Cassie: So, what did you think of Dr. Frankel today?

Josh: I think she takes a lot of notes.

Cassie: Yeah, right.

Josh: Or she was drawing cartoon characters for all we know.

Cassie: Did you see her shoes?

Josh: I'm a man. Why would I notice her shoes?

Cassie: Oh, because they were Manolos.

Josh: And that means something important?

Cassie: That means they are very high-end designer, and so she's probably doing pretty good.

Josh: Well, we're paying her $180 an hour. How many appointments do you think she has throughout the course of a day?

Cassie: I don't know. In this town she probably has a waiting list.

Jeffrey: If you care about what you have with this guy, then you have to trust him, you know? I mean, what will happen will happen. We can't change their feelings.

Cassie: That's easy for you to say. Josh and I aren't over yet. I mean, Josh and I aren't over.

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