GL Best Lines Tuesday 7/15/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 7/15/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: It's not like you and drugs weren't on speaking terms.

Grady: No, I am clean!

Cyrus: So where did the drugs come from?

Grady: I'm not sure where they're manufactured.

Cyrus: Oh, you're an idiot. Who do you think planted on them you?

Reva: Do you want some advice?

Daisy: Oh, yeah, please, give me some advice. Fix my life so they can make a movie about me, too. And while we're at it, why don't we give Harley a call, and she can get a shot in, too?

Reva: What is wrong with you today?

Daisy: Are you really asking me that with a straight face?

Reva: I love you!

Daisy: And that makes it okay? My family's crazy.

Reva: You're just realizing that?

Daisy: I'm serious. I can't get into my home because Harley can't deal with Cyrus, and my boyfriend is in jail because of you. My life sucks.

Reva: Let me get a violin.

Cyrus: More eggs?

Daisy: Well, my mom never taught me how to bake, so I'm just winging it.

Cyrus: How many cookies are you making?

Daisy: Like, a dozen-- a dozen, for Grady and then there's going to be another dozen for Jude. He has a bicycle race tomorrow. Oh, God, if he loses... oh, this is kind of ruined.

Cyrus: Well, add some more flour.

Daisy: Baking is very wimpy. Are you going to have to turn in your jewel thief card or something?

Cyrus: No, no, no. We did a little breaking and entering before, remember? It kind of balances it out.

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