GL Best Lines Friday 7/11/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 7/11/08


Provided By Tanya

Reva: Yes, it is my movie. And I distinctly remember asking you if you were okay with it, to which you replied yes, you were.

Josh: Yeah, well that was before they twisted reality.

Reva: Yeah, well some people would call it creative license.

Josh: I don't really care what some people would call it, Reva. The fact is, it wasn't fair to Cassie. I mean, think about this for one second, what it must have been like for her sitting in that screening room watching me leave her for you.

Reva: I'm sure she felt terrible. But then again, maybe she's not the only one.

Josh: The only one what?

Reva: I think you know.

Josh: Why don't you spell it out for me?

Reva: You're having a hard time handling watching our memories up there on that screen. Because those memories are bringing up all these emotions in you that you don't know how to handle, so you decide to shut everything down instead of dealing with those feelings. And you know what that makes you, Joshua Lewis? A coward.

Josh: What did you call me?

Reva: You heard me. I've got to go.

Lillian: All right. So you want to go. Fine.

Lizzie: Yes.

Lillian: But you won't need, you won't need this pretty nighty because he can't spend the night with you. I mean, he's got a pregnant wife at home, right? Oh, you're not going to need Cameronís-- this pretty dress for Cameronís because a man who is going to run for public office can't be seen out in public with any woman who is not his wife. Right? So...

Lizzie: He bought a cabin. He bought me a cabin, for me.

Lillian: Well, of course he did. Bill wants to have it every which way. And he can probably have it, but you're going to be left with nothing.

Lizzie: But he doesn't love Ava. And he can still be a good father, even if they're not a real couple. And I don't know why I shouldn't go after him. I think I deserve him more than she does.

Lillian: You deserve anything you want, sweetie, but...

Lizzie: But what? But life's not fair.

Lillian: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Lizzie: Well, I am hurt. And I don't want to be anymore.

Josh: No! It's a movie! It's not real life! Real life is the fact that my marriage is falling apart! Real life is the fact that this is way too much for Cassie to handle!

Reva: So her feelings come first, even though she slept with someone else, she's still the saint, and I'm the one who is ruining your life!

Josh: Don't! Don't you do that. Hey, hey, hey, don't you ever throw that up in my face again. That is not your business!

Reva: And the movie is none of your business.

Josh: Yes, it is, Reva. Because it's not just your life up there on that screen! It's our life together! Every kiss we ever shared, every feeling we ever had for each other, it's all right up there for everyone to see. And you want me to say it? I'll say it, fine. Watching that screen was like torture for me. I hated it. I hate it.

Reva: Liar. You loved it.

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