GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/9/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 7/9/08


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: Do you all want me to leave town? Is that it? So, what are you doing here? Are you a cop now, too?

Coop: Me? No. (Laughing) I'm no cop. I am just a mild-mannered teacher, who also happens to be a very concerned uncle of yours, all right? So... can I give you a lift somewhere? Can I take you somewhere?

Daisy: Coop, go fix your own life.

Coop: Ouch! Wow!

Daisy: I'm sorry.

Coop: No. You know what? I'm going to let it slide. It's fine. So, let's talk about you. Let's talk about you and this freak Foley that I've been hearing about.

Daisy: Yeah, let's not.

Coop: No, actually, let's talk about it, all right? Because the guy is a loser. You deserve better. You are better than that. I don't want you mixed up in it, all right? So tell me, please, why the hell you care so much about him?

Daisy: Because he picked me. You know, all of you are telling me what to do because you're my family? Yeah, okay, you haven't been around half my life. And now you spend half the time arguing about who gets stuck with me since my mom left without saying good-bye. So, you know what? No. He's with me because he wants to be. Not because he is stuck with me. He picked me, and I pick him. I pick him over all of you.

Buzz: Look, I happen to be a father who left his children. They turned out great. Life's about choices. You're a big boy. Get over it.

Grady: Or else? You don't know me.

Buzz: Why? Are you unique? You're not unique. You're a screw up. And screw ups are all the same. But I'm not here to threaten you today. But you keep messing with Daisy's mind...

Grady: Here's the threat.

Buzz: Here's the threat. I'll do what I have to do. You know why? Because I'm an old man, and I've got nothing to lose. 

Daisy: Maybe you could try listening. I don't have anyone. My mom is two time zones away, and the rest of my family is attacking my boyfriend.

Ashlee: Boyfriend? Yeah. (Laughing) Okay. Oh, my God...

Daisy: When the only person who takes me seriously is Cyrus, you know things are really bad.

Ashlee: Okay. I'll be a really good friend. I'll stop telling you the truth, and I'll start lying to you. Because that's obviously what you like, like Grady.

Daisy: Are you jealous?

Ashlee: Excuse me?

Daisy: Well, I mean, you were really into him the couple of times he flirted with you. And then you found out that he was with me, and now he is the devil or something?

Ashlee: I'm sorry if I'm inexperienced about all of this because, at least I don't usually date killers.

Daisy: You... you would have been a killer if you had been a better shot. All I'm saying is, who are you to judge? And the only person you've dated is Coop. And as much as I'm mad at him right now, he's a really good guy, and he loved you, and you blew it.

Ashlee: Yeah, you're right. I'm trying... unlike some people who just stand around and whine about it.

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