GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/24/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 6/24/08


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Vows.

Bill: Vows.

Ava: Yes, okay. Okay, so, do you have any ideas?

Bill: Yes, I do. I had the secretary back at the office send me some links, and I think some of these sites are really, really great. Yeah.

Ava: Sites?

Bill: Yeah, for the vows. I mean, they've got all kinds of choices: Long vows, short vows, ones that will make people laugh, ones that will probably get tears in the crowd. There are so many different choices...

Ava: Are you talking about wedding vows that you found on the internet?

Bill: Well, yeah, I can guarantee you it's going be better than anything that I...

Olivia: That's true, he's not a very good...

Bill: Yeah, I guess so. Look, I'm glad you stuck around, because I realized that I... well, I missed a step. I have not asked you for your daughter's hand in marriage.

Jeffrey: Do people still do that?

Bill: Well, I don't know if they do, but they should. Probably afraid of getting a "No."

Jeffrey: And you're not?

Bill: Well, no, not at all. ( Laughs ) Come on!

Jeffrey: Okay, fire away. But, you know, I might have to share my concern with you, though.

Bill: Okay.

Jeffrey: About Lizzie Spaulding?

Bill: What about her?

Jeffrey: Well, you're still in love with her.

Bill: That's crazy.

Jeffrey: Okay, well, then she's still in love with you.

Bill: Well, that's even crazier.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah. I'm really, really fine with it.

Bill: Really?

Lizzie: Yeah, no.

Bill: I get it, okay? I am trying to work with you here, so could you please work with me? All right? And do me one little favor? Do not try to screw up my wedding.

Lizzie: No, no, no, no, no. Let's think about this...

Bill: Ah! Here we go...

Lizzie: Let's think about this. Maybe I could run bulls down the lawn, towards the tent, just like in Spain.

Bill: I don't think they'll fit in the car.

Lizzie: Okay, okay, that's a good point. I could have a helicopter circle over and over and over with speakers playing Nine Inch Nails.

Bill: Oh, it would save me the trouble of getting a band.

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