GL Best Lines Thursday 6/12/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 6/12/08


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Yeah. Are you all right?

Olivia: Yes.

Ava: Yeah? Well, these pills, they're not the same pills as before. Did you see the doctor? What did he say?

Olivia: You know, the usual, that I'm holding my own, and I need to be careful of this and look out for that. But, quite frankly, I'm just really bored with the whole thing. ( Laughs )

Ava: Yeah?

Olivia: You know, I have a very short attention span. Just ask any of my husbands.


Ava: Did you know that most heart transplant recipients reject their heart between one and four times the first year? I can't move... I can't move in with you. I can't leave this place.

Bill: Why?

Ava: Because Olivia needs me. She shouldn't be alone, and Emma needs me.

Bill: Why, did she ask you to stay here?

Ava: No, she didn't ask me to stay. But what if she gets sick? What if something happens? It kills me to say this, because I really want to move into that house with you, and I really want to start a family with you. And I want to be there to help make all of your dreams come true, I really do. But I just can't leave this place. I can't leave my mom.

Bill: Then Olivia is going to have to move in with us, and Emma, too.


Buzz: Oh, if you're waiting for your father, he’s... here he comes.

Marina: Hey, handsome!

Frank: Hey.

Buzz: Hey... somebody was worried you weren't going to make it.

Frank: Really?

Marina: Well, yeah. I mean, how can I kick your butt at poker if you're not even here to play?

Frank: Well, it's always nice to dream, honey. ( Laughs )


Marina: ( Groans ) Almost. I mean, Harley won't be here, so... it's not going to be the same without her.

Buzz: No.

Marina: I just want her back where she belongs, you know?

Frank: Yeah, well, she'll be back soon enough. But it’s... it's nice to hear you say that, though. Okay?

Marina: What? She's my aunt. I am allowed to worry about her.

Buzz: You're so grown up.

Marina: Please! Come on! I still call her a man-stealing skank box.

Buzz: A skank box?

Marina: Oh! It's only in my head. She's family, you know? I guess I've got to drop the title at some point.

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