GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/4/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 6/4/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: I want to help Harley, do something to make life easier for her when she comes back, you know.

Dinah: Uh-huh. Find out what she wants, get it for her.

Cyrus: Right. It worked for you.

Dinah: Well, not exactly, no.

Cyrus: Harley needs money.

Dinah: You should find her some. You used to be very good at that. Oh, no-- not my money.

Cyrus: What's more important than helping an old friend?

Dinah: You know, that is a very good question. Bye-bye.

Olivia: You listening in on my phone conversations?

Buzz: I'm keeping an eye on you.

Olivia: Yeah, like having Gus' heart just made my popularity soar through the roof.

Buzz: That's not true. I have been crazy about you since forever. Natalia did tell me to keep an eye on you--

Olivia: She didn't have to. It was worth the cash to get her out of my face.

Buzz: Don't hold back. Just speak your mind.

Daisy: Grandpa, did you fill my car with daisies?

Buzz: No.

Daisy: This lame stunt, it has "Cooper" written all over it.

Buzz: I was thinking Lewis. I would have sprung for something more expensive than daisies.

Daisy: I just want to know. Bye.

Olivia: Good luck. I'm going to keep moving.

Buzz: Say hi to Emma.

Olivia: Say hi to Lillian.

Buzz: Really?

Olivia: No.

Buzz: Look at you. You're back.

Olivia: ( Laughs )

Olivia: If you had come before, this would have been so different.

Mallet: Before how?

Olivia: Any time before. Last week, last year, I would have been in love with you by morning.

Mallet: Wow, you're easy.

Olivia: You’ve heard.

Mallet: Maybe, nothing wrong with that.

Olivia: Thank you. The point is, I'm not like that anymore.

Mallet: Well, your timing is perfect.

Olivia: Why is that?

Mallet: Because you're here, and you're on your own.

Olivia: Hey, you look good in blue. Turn around for me. Stop, your teasing me.

Mallet: I've got it going on, don't I?

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