GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/3/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 6/3/08


Provided By Tanya

Frank: You were wearing gloves? Nice try.

Jeffrey: What do you mean, "Nice try"? That's what happened.

Frank: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: What?

Frank: The evidence doesn't support that. Your fingerprints weren't anywhere on that gun.

Jeffrey: ( Sighs ) He's just a kid, Frank. I think we need to shield him from this.

Frank: I agree. But unfortunately, he's not the only one we're going to have to protect if he's found.

Lizzie: How's life at my house treating you?

Remy: Get over it.

Lizzie: You know, Dinah and Bill might think that they're, like, king or queen or whatever they think, but I am going to gather my people...

Remy: People. ( Laughs )

Lizzie: Yeah, I'm going to gather my people, okay? And I am going to... I am...

Remy: Wait, wait. Are you speaking English? What are you even talking about, Lizzie?

Lizzie: I am going to kick their ass! You got that?

Remy: Got it. Go for it.

Mallet: You know, when things come crashing down, it sure is easy to see where your choices have taken you. Boy, I got off track. I got off track a long time ago.

Dinah: Where are you going to go?

Mallet: I don't know. I don't know. I just want real change. That's the funny thing about change. I think deep down, it's not about a new job or a new town or a new relationship. I think it's in here. I think it's in here. That's going the wrong way. I just want to turn around. Just turn around and change direction. I got greedy. I got greedy and I cut in line, and ever since I found how I became Police Chief, I've just been telling myself I didn't do anything wrong. That has to change. I don't know, change direction and start climbing from wherever I am. Where I was to begin with. I think maybe I can get my life on track then, and maybe I can make things right.

Dinah: But you can't take responsibility for my mistakes. That's not right. You know, let me apologize, please. For causing you so much trouble. You're right. We make some choices in life. And some of them are mistakes. I'm so sorry.

Mallet: Shh, shh, shh. Things happen for a reason, you know? I don't know. I don't know where all of this is going to end. I just know right now this is what I need to do. And I need to do it alone.

Olivia: I will. Congratulations on your wedding plans.

Jeffrey: Ah, you heard.

Olivia: Uh-huh. I guess I kind of primed the pump. It's going to be really awkward if Josh officiates the ceremony, though, don't you think?

Jeffrey: You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

Olivia: Sorry, I really can’t.

Jeffrey: All right. Get out. I'm supposed to be getting my rest.

Olivia: Okay. But just so you know, life is short and rest is highly overrated.

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