GL Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08


Provided By Tanya

Josh: I'll help you. How's that? I mean, I can't, you know, sign timesheets, but I can certainly sort things for you, sort bills. In fact, I might like that kind of work. It has got to be easier than saving souls, right?

Cassie: Really?

Josh: Uh-huh.

Cassie: Wow, well, thank you.

Josh: Wait a second. Wait a second. This is going to cost you. You know, you should not be making, making deals when you don't know what the deal is, exactly.

Cassie: Okay. So what's it going to cost me, Lewis?

Josh: Cookies, I think. That would be fair. Warm, fresh, home-made cookies.

Cassie: Oatmeal raisin, by any chance?

Josh: If you make those, I'll throw in a free car wash.

Bill: Hey, what? I told you, relax. I told you I'd be here. I'm here, right?

Dinah: Are you drunk?

Bill: No. No, I just lost track of time.

Dinah: What did you do with your jacket?

Bill: What are you talking about? I'm just nervous, that's all. Just nervous, big day.

Dinah: Yes, it is a big day.

Bill: Yeah.

Dinah: And if you blow it, these people can still vote you out.

Bill: Yeah. Well, guess what? Not going to happen. I'm going to have them handing out of my eat. Eating out of my hand.

Reva: And I came to get his insurance papers, so...

Jolene: Well, maybe while you're looking for the papers, Josh, you could talk to Mark a little bit?

Josh: This is not a good time.

Reva: I really need you both to leave.

Jolene: To look for papers? We just thought that you were going to move out until the movie wrapped. And since this house doesn't mean anything to Jeffrey...

Reva: Jeffrey was shot, okay? He was shot. And that's all that matters.

Jolene: I hope he gets better.

Lizzie: I am trying to protect my family's company and our future. This is just business to you. Isn't that what you said to me? That's what you said to me.

Bill: No.

Lizzie: Uh-huh.

Bill: It's a war now, okay? And I'm going to win, and I could hurt you. You want to know why?

Lizzie: Why?

Bill: Because you love me.

Lizzie: Don't kid yourself. Darling, you love me right back.

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