GL Best Lines Monday 5/26/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 5/26/08


Provided By Tanya

Harley: Sorry. I don't mean to keep bringing up money. I just, I... we have Gus in common.

Olivia: Oh. Listen, um, thanks for coming.

Harley: Olivia, I'm sorry.

Olivia: No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it's my heart now, not his, and I can't be the person that everyone goes to when they're missing him.

Harley: Of course. That's not why I came.

Olivia: You know, if you want to contact him, you might want to try Alan. He claims to have a direct line.

Natalia: Why would I do that?

Alan: Because he wants to join the military?

Natalia: Mm-hmm. And he wants to be a cop, like his father.

Alan: Natalia? Do you read the newspapers?

Natalia: You just still really want him to work for you.

Alan: I want what is best for Rafe, and I would think that you would want the same thing.

Natalia: He just lost his father. A father that he barely knew. He could have gone crazy. He could have turned to drugs and alcohol, but instead he took a look at his future and he made a mature decision to honor his father. It's a plan. You should let him have a plan.

Alan: But, wait, by joining the marines?

Natalia: You know, I'm not going to discourage him. I am just way too busy being proud of him.

Olivia: Room service is the problem, okay? I hear it from clients all the time. Your job isn't to make excuses. It's to fix it.

Jeffrey: ( Whistles ) Wow, I'd hate to work for you.

Olivia: Hmm. Well, I know half of them wish I hadn't gotten a donor. Maybe eventually they'll get their wish.

Jeffrey: You know, you're looking better every time I see you. You're not buying that, are you?

Olivia: Well, it's not like I expect you to walk in and go, "Wow, Olivia, you look like crap!"

Jeffrey: Reva and I took a room here while they're making this movie.

Olivia: ( Laughs )

Jeffrey: I hope we don't wake up one day and found out that the A/C has been cut off.

Olivia: Oh, no. The plumbing is so much more fun to mess with!

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