GL Best Lines Friday 5/23/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 5/23/08


Provided By Tanya

Rafe: How come Alan gets to see him? I mean, I'm his son, right? So if he's going to come to anybody in a dream, why Alan, you know? Now, you see? This is why I can't talk about this stuff. I sound crazy.

Daisy: No, no. You don’t. You sound like you miss your dad.

Rafe: You know where I spent the night last night, Dais? I slept on the floor of the house he bought us. We don't even own it, but...

Daisy: Well, did you dream about it?

Rafe: I wanted to. I want to. I've got to go, all right?

Harley: The plan was to hang this in the trophy case at the high school, but considering the way they're treating my daughter-- don't say anything!-- I think it belongs here.

Mallet: Wow. "The Gus Aitoro Memorial Scholarship”.

Harley: Mm-hmm. See? And we can add all the winner's names.

Mallet: Mm-hmm.

Harley: See? So what do you think? Do you mind me hanging it here?

Mallet: Yeah, absolutely. Hang it, yeah.

Harley: Rafe helped us pick out the first winner. I was planning to make the presentation myself...

Mallet: Mm-hmm.

Harley: ...But in light of the way they are treating my daughter, I just wish I knew somebody who could do it for me, you know? Somebody who's really poised and articulate and that the entire community respects.

Mallet: Hmm. Wow, who could that be? You're asking me to do it.

Harley: Do you mind?

Mallet: Let me get my cape. I would be so honored!

Dinah: There's a dirty cop.

Jeffrey: I know.

Dinah: It's not Mallet.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, you would do anything to protect him, so...

Dinah: Why would I hurt the people that I know? People who don't deserve it? Mallet... I don't want him mad at me.

Jeffrey: Mallet was withholding evidence, I know that for a fact.

Dinah: Not to save himself. He's doing it to protect someone else. Someone who can't defend themselves.

Jeffrey: If it's not Mallet...

Dinah: It's Gus. It was Gus.

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