GL Best Lines Thursday 5/22/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 5/22/08


Provided By Tanya

Bill: Ah... yeah. And, um, it just hit me, you know, at the hospital, that, um... it's all fine and well trying to prove to the world, prove to myself, and everyone that I can run a company on my own, make tough decisions. But, um... I have to make some... some tough choices, and I have to be there for this kid, because this kid is going to depend on me. This child is going to need me. And for so long, I've been just walking around thinking, you know, it's not real, it's going to go away. But it's not, Lizzie, and it's my responsibility. It's time for me to own up to it. So, I did the right thing, and I asked Ava to move in with me. I mean, this baby is going to need me, Lizzie. This is big. This is huge, okay? Maybe I jumped, but I...

Lizzie: This is me you're talking to, you know? I... I understand. I wouldn't understand you doing anything else.

Bill: That's fine. I'm here now, okay? I can... I can take it from here, okay? Don't really know what your deal is with Ava...

Remy: Am I sensing... it wasn't my idea to move your stuff around, man.

Bill: No, I'm sure it wasn’t. But thanks. Thanks again. Just, please, leave it where it is.

Remy: All right. Well, I... I'll give you two weeks, man. Give it two weeks, you know. Call me if you need help moving her out again, all right?

Bill: I'd ask you if want to put money on that, but I want to help you with your gambling problem. But, um, thanks for the effort. Take care.

Dinah: Guilty? What in the hell do you feel guilty about?

Mallet: Are you kidding me? Guilty for what I am. Guilty for being police chief. Guilty for how it happened. Guilty for frank, for Gus. Guilty for whatever you did to wipe out Alan.

Dinah: You don't have to feel guilty about any of that.

Mallet: Well, I'm going to take care of all of it. I'm going to make it all right.

Dinah: And I make it worse when I'm around.

Mallet: Sometimes worse; sometimes better.

Dinah: But mostly worse.

Mallet: I'm sorry for dragging you into this whole Gus thing.

Dinah: You know what? I'm going to help you fix this. And then maybe you'll stop hating yourself for still being in love with me.

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