GL Best Lines Tuesday 5/20/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/20/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Beth, don't tell me they called you, too. Look, I don't want everyone to get upset over nothing.

Beth: Nothing? From what I heard, you could have been killed.

Rafe: It was like this close.

Alan: Close only counts in horseshoes and elections in Florida.

Buzz: You're not going to sue me, are you?

Alan: I can't afford a lawyer.

Buzz: Good, because I can't afford to pay you.

Alan: But if I could afford a lawyer, I still wouldn't sue you.

Buzz: Gee, can I have that in writing?

Alan: How’s about a handshake?

Buzz: Are you sure that roof didn't hit you just like a wee bit? Huh? Huh?

Beth: What happened, I hope you had fun.

Rick: I... I kidnapped her.

Beth: Oh, yeah, right and joined the circus, too. Did you go on the Ferris wheel?

Alan: I was... I was coming down the stairs, and I fell, and it missed me by inches.

Natalia: Have you seen a doctor?

Alan: Yeah. He said I was lucky to be alive.

Olivia: They love to say that.

Alan: But it wasn’t luck. What happened... it goes against everything I've ever thought.

Olivia: Like voting for a democrat?

Alan: Look, I... I don't blame you for doubting this. I doubt it myself. But you're the only two people I could tell who wouldn't think I'm crazy. And I want you to convince me that I'm not.

Natalia: Go ahead.

Olivia: Don't encourage him.

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