GL Best Lines Monday 5/19/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 5/19/08


Provided By Tanya

Harley: Hey, Reva, um, I... I wasn't planning to bring Cyrus to the ceremony.

Reva: That's none of my business.

Harley: Well, it's just... I know it's not the only reason that she's not attending. But I'm aware of that and I'm sensitive to it. It's other things for her. You know, it's Rafe and it's Gus and it's, you know, life.

Reva: Things are really good with me and Jeffrey.

Harley: Good.

Reva: I'm saying that because my life is really happy right now. But that doesn't make the past any less important.

Olivia: I volunteered to chaperone for this day a long time ago, long before any of this.

Natalia: Emma looks like she's having fun.

Olivia: Yeah. The driver brought me over here. I barely could make it up the steps. I just don't want Emma and her friends to see me like this.

Natalia: Like what? You look fine. Okay, maybe you need a little touchup.

Olivia: Can you help me? I... I... it took everything I had just to get over here and I really... I don't want to scare my daughter.

Natalia: Well, I can't promise any miracles.

Olivia: That's funny. That's funny. That's good.

Reva: Like... well, I don't know, like... like right here is where I probably should have gone to my high school graduation and....

Daisy: Harley talked to you.

Reva: And right here is probably where I should have gone to college.

Daisy: Why? You did fine without it.

Reva: Sweetie, I did everything I could in order to survive. And it made me make some really bad decisions, because I was so desperate.

Daisy: Well, like what?

Reva: Oh, what the hell. You're gonna see it in the movie anyway, so I might as well tell you. When I first came to Springfield, Alan Spaulding paid me a whole heap of money to break up your Grandpa Billy and Vanessa Reardon’s marriage. I also believed that, in order to get ahead in life, you had to marry someone rich.

Daisy: That sounds exciting.

Reva: You're missing the point. I don't have to make you go to college, but if you want to work on my movie, you have to go to graduation.

Daisy: That's not fair.

Reva: That's another thing about life.

Reva: I know, but it's not enough, it’s... we can't do this.

Jeffrey: Do what?

Reva: This, this, this thing... this day-to-day casual thing. Marry me.

Jeffrey: Marry you?

Reva: It doesn't have to be next week. It doesn't even have to be next month. But I need to know that we have a future together, you and me. Marry me, Jeffrey. Oh, boy, now I know why I've never proposed before. It's nerve-wracking. (Laughs)

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