GL Best Lines Friday 5/16/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 5/16/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: I'm not crashing family poker night, am I?

Buzz: No. We stopped that for a while. This is an open game. Alan Spaulding’s idea.

Cyrus: Oh.

Buzz: Yeah.

Cyrus: Does he know that you play for turkey and you use Pringles for chips?

Buzz: That was ham. And Pringles are chips. I set up this game, and I closed the place down. Alan Spaulding isn't here. Nobody's here. I don't know.

Cyrus: Well, I can stick around.

Buzz: ( Laughing ) Two con men alone at a table? Not much of an incentive for people to join in, is it?

Cyrus: Oh, we'd make a killing.

Buzz: Don't I know it.

Buzz: They're going to give you a high school diploma?

Daisy: Whatever!

Reva: (Laughs)

Daisy: Who needs math, anyway?

Reva: You need math if you want to balance your checkbook!

Buzz: Or to tip properly at a restaurant.

Cyrus: Or count cards in the casino. What? It's not illegal.

Daisy: No, no. It's just cheating. Oh, wait, speaking of... Grandpa, how's Marina doing?

Daisy: The wildcard doesn't stay the same. Things change. People change.

Buzz: Daisy.

Daisy: Wait, no, no. If he can't keep up, he should get out.

Cyrus: I can keep up.

Daisy: Why? Because you love the game, or just, you like the challenge?

Cyrus: Both.

Daisy: Even when the game is treating you like dirt?

Reva: What are you talking about?

Daisy: I'm just saying, you already have one foot out the door anyway.

Cyrus: I'm not going anywhere. Your mom knows that.

Daisy: Even though you know the deck is always going to be stacked against you?

Reva: Who stacked the deck?

Daisy: You'll never be Gus.

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