GL Best Lines Friday 5/9/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 5/9/08


Provided By Tanya

Bill: You want me to get Dinah to back off Spaulding. Why?

Mallet: Because she has Alan’s house. He's lost all his money. She's proven her point. She's sharp as ever. The thing is, right now she's running wild, some people are going to get hurt, and they're gonna to remember that for a long time.

Bill: Okay, okay, okay. If I get Dinah to pull back a little bit, will you give her another chance? You are what she wants.

Ava: Is that Peyton in there? Hi!

Lizzie: Leave her alone.

Ava: I'm not doing anything, geez.

Lizzie: I just put her to sleep. You see these, see these dark circles? Welcome to your life.

Ava: I was going to offer to buy you a cup of coffee with Bill's "leave me alone" money, but since you're going to be like that, I won’t.

Dinah: The seat's taken.

Marina: I don't see your name on it.

Dinah: My butt's on it. Whoa! Whoa! You can't do that. I've spent a lot of time setting up these chairs.

Marina: Well, it shouldn't take you so long.

Dinah: Get your own chair.

Marina: You have another one.

Dinah: I want that one.

Marina: Well, it's not saved just for you, all right? And it's done being jerked around.

Dinah: Hey! It's not my fault that you're not woman enough to hang on to your own chair.

Marina: You leave my chairs out of this!

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