GL Best Lines Wednesday 5/7/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 5/7/08


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Well, he said that he never wants to talk to me again. He doesn't want to talk to me until after the baby is born. I don't know what I was thinking. This is a life that I have inside of me, a kid. I don't even know if I'm ready to be a mother. I have to get all gross and fat, and I have to go to mommy and me classes. And I'm going to have to put my career on hold and push a stroller around all by myself. I'm not even very good at helping Olivia. How can I raise a baby?

Remy: Olivia's tough. Okay? She's going to pull through. She’s going to pull through. And a baby is --

Ava: If you say that babies are a blessing, I'm going to smack you right now.

Remy: That, that is totally not what I was going to say. As a matter of fact, babies kind of freak me out. You know? And I don't think you'll ever, ever, ever be gross and fat, at least not gross, anyway.

Ava: That is so not funny.

Remy: Yeah ( laughs )

Ava: ( Laughs )

Remy: So why are you laughing?

Ava: I don't know.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Mallet: Well, that's about it, Alan. I guess you'll be glad to get out of the boardinghouse, huh?

Alan: You might say that.

Mallet: Yeah, I'd say so. The showers, signup sheets and the banging radiators.

Dinah: The kitchen going 24/7.

Mallet: Yeah.

Dinah: Buzz and Frank arguing about who makes the best coffee. All of those crazy little characters that hang out here all of the time, make it their own little neighborhood. It's comforting, though. It's good. It's nice to be part of the family. Okay, where are we going? And how far is it?

Mallet: Yeah, where are we going, Alan?

Alan: Mallet, stop.

Mallet: What?

Alan: Dinah's right.

Dinah: What?

Alan: This is my home for now, the boardinghouse.

Bill: Look, Lizzie is a very smart girl. And she knows that sometimes people have to make tough choices.

Beth: Yeah?

Bill: Yeah.

Beth: And she also knows she deserves to come first in someone's life. Have a good night.

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