GL Best Lines Monday 5/5/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 5/5/08


Provided By Tanya

Harley: Well, I do have all of these cases I still have to solve, so many cases. Maybe, maybe if I could just finish those, I could actually get back to...

Cyrus: To us? You need to get back to us.

Harley: I was going to say back to normal.

Cyrus: Oh.

Harley: I don't know how normal this would be.

Cyrus: Gus had years with you. I want that. I want that much of you. No less.

Reva: What's wrong?

Jeffrey: I spilled some coffee on my shirt.

Reva: No, no, no, no, no. Not that. It's the quiet. Where's our friend?

Jeffrey: She left.

Reva: Because of me? It is, because of me, right? Because I tried so hard, even considering the fact that it's Olivia.

Jeffrey: She said, she said it's time, okay? And Olivia does what she wants.

Reva: Would it be rude to dance?

Jeffrey: You know what? I was wondering something: Do you ever do any private nursing work?

Lillian: No. I mean, if I had a friend who was sick. Do you have a friend who is sick? Oh, tell me it's not Reva.

Jeffrey: No, no. It's not Reva. It's somebody who recently had a heart transplant.

Lillian: ( Laughs ) Absolutely not.

Jeffrey: Don't think about Olivia. Thank about Emma, Lizzie’s sister. That little girl needs her mother, Lillian.

Lillian: You are shameless.

Jolene: But still, he's the father of your children, and he's with your sister. I mean, that is like the worst version of the other woman I've ever heard.

Reva: Yes, but Josh is right, it's not like you think.

Josh: Thank you.

Reva: He was with many other women.

Josh: Reva!

Jolene: But not women that he married.

Reva: Oh, no. Sure, he married quite a few of them. But the important thing is that he always comes back to me.

Josh: Could we not talk about this, please?

Reva: Well, you said that I just couldn't mention the drunk tank. You didn't say anything about ex-wives.

Jolene: Drunk tank?

Josh: Excuse us, excuse us. Reva, what are you doing?

Reva: Well, I just want her to understand the history.

Josh: The history? Reva, Cassie, Cassie is my wife.

Reva: You're current wife.

Josh: Well, what about you, Reva, huh? You've been married, you've been married to a number of other men. Why don't you talk about that?

Reva: I will. But at least I own who I am. ( Laughs )

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