GL Best Lines Wednesday 4/23/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 4/23/08


Provided By Tanya

Marina: Well, word on the street is that I'm getting a new partner today.

Mallet: Try keeping a secret in a police station.

Marina: Cops are like eighth graders.

Mallet: You do know this person very well, even though they haven't been on the force for a while.

Marina: My dad? I mean, he's a good guy and all, but...

Mallet: No, it's not Frank. I don't think that would be a good idea.

Marina: Well, if it's not my dad, then...

Mallet: Hear me out...

Marina: No, no.

Mallet: Hear me out.

Marina: No, Mallet, you wouldn't do that to me!

Mallet: It's going to be a little awkward at first, granted. I understand that, but you...

Marina: Uhhh!

Mallet: ...You two know each other...

Marina: Hold on a second. Ah! I believe that knife belongs to you.

Cyrus: Gee, it must be lonely in this big, old house.

Dinah: Cyrus, it's time to go.

Cyrus: All right. Enjoy you're new digs, Dee Dee. I'll bet you could sleep in a different room every night for a month in a place like this. Of course, you'll still be waking up alone, but, hey...

Cyrus: You don't have detectives to do this sort of thing for you?

Mallet: You know, I really kind of enjoy the leg work. Yeah, and so you didn't seem very surprised when I just told you there was a break-in yesterday.

Cyrus: Oh, my goodness, a break-in! Oh, was there anything valuable taken? Should I lock the doors?

Mallet: (Laughs) No, actually, I'm here because the description sort of sounded like you.

Cyrus: So we're talking about a handsome face.

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