GL Best Lines Thursday 4/17/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 4/17/08


Provided By Tanya

Mallet: The morning jog. It's not about butt-whipping. You're so competitive. The morning jog is about getting in touch with your soul.

Marina: Okay. Well, it is a beautiful day, and I am in touch with my soul. Want to go for another lap?

Mallet: Knock yourself out. I'm going to grab some breakfast and take a shower.

Marina: Yeah, you're right. I probably should take a shower, too.

Mallet: Want to share?

Marina: ( Laughs ) In your dreams.

Rick: You've got to hate it, right? I mean, you hate being hungry and broke, and more than else, you hate not having power. Because power makes a man sexy. And without power, Alan, guess what?

Alan: Don't forget, I'm not very fond of you either.

Rick: I know. But do you hate me enough, Alan, to turn your back on a deal that would get you back on your feet again?

Alan: What kind of deal?

Rick: Well, you can think about me as your personal banker. I can underwrite, Alan, for a new company. Yeah. You'd get all of that power back that you covet so much. What do you say?

Alan: And in return?

Rick: It's pretty simple. You walk away from Peyton, and you give me the custody rights.

Alan: So you want to buy my daughter.

Rick: Alan, you sold off your other children for a lot less, and you know that.

Alan: How can you be my banker when my tie collection is worth more than you make in a year?

Rick: You're not getting any younger.

Alan: You know, you've got this fairy tale running around in your brain about your high school sweetheart and you being reunited.

Rick: That's not a fairy tale.

Alan: And in truth, you're not back together, not really back.

Rick: Do we have a deal or not?

Alan: What really bothers you, Rick, is that you've always thought that Beth and I... well, her attraction to me was because I was powerful and rich. Well, the truth is I don't have anything right now, and she and I still have chemistry.

Rick: My wife has more chemistry with a rock than she has with you.

Olivia: You know, if you wish it enough and you want it really bad, it will happen.

Natalia: What are you talking about?

Olivia: I made Gus die.

Natalia: Gus died in a motorcycle accident.

Olivia: It's my fault.

Natalia: In a way, yes. He was looking for you.

Olivia: You don't get it. You don't get it. I prayed, I prayed so hard for a heart. I didn't care who died. I just never said, "God, please, don't make it someone that I know and love." And that’s...

Natalia: Do you think God let Gus die to answer your prayer?

Olivia: Yeah. I guess you think it unlikely that God would listen to me at all.

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