GL Best Lines Wednesday 4/16/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 4/16/08


Provided By Tanya

Frank: My suspension was lifted.

Mallet: Congratulations.

Frank: No. Actually, congratulations are in store for you. You're the new permanent police chief.

Marina: I don't understand that. How could Doris do that to you? How could you do this, you're his best friend?

Frank: Marina, he's your new boss and it wasn't his decision.

Mallet: Well, then we can fix this, Frank.

Frank: It's done.

Cyrus: Thanks for telling Harley about the whole Vanessa scam.

Marina: Oh, that. Oh, God, um... I'm-- I'm sorry.

Cyrus: You're a police officer.

Marina: I just couldn't let you keep on lying to Harley about Vanessa. You understand, right?

Cyrus: Yeah, completely.

Marina: And Harley?

Cyrus: She got it. She, um... she understood that I was just trying to take care of her, so it all worked out. More bread?

Marina: She got it?

Cyrus: Yeah. I'm trying hard to make some sort of a life with Harley. I got your message. Here's mine: Don't mess with Harley. And don't try to come between us.

Mallet: It's never about wanting to leave. It's about when we're together. There's always a commotion. There is always -- it's just not simple.

Dinah: I'm working on it.

Mallet: You just bought the Spaulding mansion.

Dinah: Yeah, I wanted a house.

Mallet: I have to go.

Dinah: No.

Mallet: Just find someone else to play with.

Dinah: Don't you get it? You're the only one in the entire world I trust. I love you.

Mallet: I love you, too. It's just what happens when we get together.

Dinah: I know. Me, too. But we're good. We're better than anything.

Mallet: I wish... I can’t. We can’t. I just... I need calm. I need order. This job is going to take a lot. I don't think you understand that.

Marina: Hey. Uh-oh.

Daisy: Rafe dumped me for good this time.

Marina: Men suck. I've got lots of chocolate and really sappy music.

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