GL Best Lines Monday 4/7/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 4/7/08


Provided By Tanya

Frank: All right, folks, listen up. Nobody is going to be eating anything healthy today. And no one is certainly going to be drinking any light beer from a glass. If we're going to honor and remember Gus today, then we're going to party the way he would.

Mallet: Sounds good. Well, then, Buzz, I hope you've got some Pepto.

Ava: You're going to be out of here before you know it. Playing with Emma, holding your new grandchild.

Olivia: I didn't want to be a grandmother when I wanted to live. Why do you think I'd want to be one now?

Ava: I'm having Bill's baby. A girl needs her mother at a time like this.

Olivia: If I give you what you want, if I stand up, will you get the hell out?

Ava: Why don't you stand up and see?

Sam: I want you to get better.

Olivia: I just keep waiting for Gus to walk through the door.

Sam: Yeah. Well, if he were here right now, I think he would tell you to stop whining and start living your life.

Olivia: Is this really how you talk to your poor invalid sister? You're, like, the worst brother ever.

Sam: Yeah. I missed you, too. I love you, Liv.

Harley: I don't know if this is such a good idea, guys.

Cyrus: What's that?

Daisy: Heads up! ( Laughter )

Harley: The two of you so close to each other with hammers?

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