GL Best Lines Friday 4/4/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 4/4/08


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: You don't miss being out there...

Bill: What?

Lizzie: ...Available?

Bill: No. Do you?

Lizzie: I wasn't the one who had Ava and a long list of chicks to run to every time we got into a fight.

Bill: Hey, I told you, I am a one-woman man, okay?

Lizzie: One woman at a time.

Bill: Easy. Easy. Easy. Listen to me, I told you, you have nothing to worry about.

Lizzie: That's exactly why I'm worrying. ( Sighs ) I keep feeling like there's an ex-wife of yours that is going to show up, or you're going to develop an allergy to my dog.

Harley: Do you care about Gus? Do you care about what he might have wanted?

Natalia: You don't get to say that to me.

Harley: Well, maybe somebody has to, Natalia. You're not the only one in pain here. You can't keep him from the people who loved him.

Natalia: Gus is gone!

Harley: Not yet. There's a service, this afternoon, yes, for his brothers in blue and his friends to pay their respect.

Natalia: And you decided all of that?

Harley: I decided it. Somebody had to. Go ahead, be mad, or stay away, but also we're getting together at Company afterwards. So boycott that, too.

Natalia: And here I thought I was his wife.

Harley: Well, you might start acting like it.

Natalia: Harley, don't tell me this is all about Gus.

Harley: That was Gus. This is our time now, his family, friends, I'm his friends, I mean... the people who knew him. It's impossible to believe that Gus is gone. Um, that tornado that swept through this town turning everybody upside down can't be gone, can he? Can he?

Alan: It's all right. It's going to be all right. Harley is obviously overwhelmed, and rightfully so. The loss of Gus, my son, is a huge loss for all of us. We're still in shock. Shock that someone so full of life, so vibrant, could be gone, out of our lives. I've lost a lot recently, but I will never recover from the loss of my son, Gus, a son who wanted nothing from me, wouldn't ask me for anything, wouldn't let me give him anything. A sports car. An opportunity to be on the board at Spaulding. He was just happy and content being who he was. And I think he was happy because he knew who he was and what he wanted out of life. I envy that. Why is it that sometimes people have to be taken away from you before you realize the blessing that they were to you and your life. I am honored to have had him as my son.

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