GL Best Lines Monday 3/31/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 3/31/08


Provided By Tanya

Ava: What do you want, Lizzie?

Lizzie: I was just wondering if you heard the news. Bill and I moved in together.

Ava: Whatever.

Lizzie: Hey, don't be such a sure loser. I'm sure there are plenty other rich men in this town you can throw yourself at. Stay away from Bill or you'll have a real fight on your hands.

Ava: I have a fight. My mom is dying, Gus has been in an accident, and I could care less about you and your little world that you think revolves around you.

Jeffrey: I have some news. Olivia, the heart isn't coming. You left the hospital, and the administrator of the donor list had no choice but to pass you by. They didn't know where you went or... there was no guarantee that you would return. They couldn't take the chance that the heart would go to waste. I'm sorry.

Harley: You don't have to worry about Frank, my love. Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! I'm not kidding. I have to say something. I might not... sweetie, Gus-- Gus Aitoro, listen to me. I have to tell you something. You're the love of my life, forever and ever and ever and ever, okay? So you have to fight. You have to fight, my love, so we can be together.

Gus: Come here. Come here.

Harley: I'm here.

Gus: You're the love of my life, too. We almost got it right.

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