GL Best Lines Thursday 3/27/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 3/27/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Alexandra, would you post my bail and let's get out of here?

Alexandra: Bail? Our accounts are all frozen. The lawyers won't return my calls. The governor thinks you're poison, and I would like to take you out in back and strangle you with my own hands and save the city the trouble.

Jeffrey: Hey, come on, not today.

Olivia: Well, I can't help it. I always cry at weddings. Especially my own. I know how they end.

Jeffrey: Well, this one is going to have a happy ending.

Olivia: You're good, O’Neill, but you're not that good.

Olivia: What did Reva say?

Jeffrey: Reva-- well, Reva is in Chicago right now.

Olivia: You could have called her.

Jeffrey: And said what? "Honey, on the way home pick up some milk, and by the way, I'm marrying Olivia?"

Olivia: Excuse me, I would like to say something, kind of a vow.

Doris: We're not in church. Come on.

Olivia: I forgive you.

Jeffrey: You don't have to.

Olivia: I need to say that. I needed to say this for a long time. Okay.

Doris: Do you, Jeffrey, take...

Olivia: No, wait. Something else. You have my permission to go home and sleep with Reva as much as you want to. Okay.

Doris: All righty. Do you...

Jeffrey: No, no. I would like to say something. Olivia, I vow to take care of Reva and to keep you smiling even if...

Olivia: If it kills me?

Jeffrey: Or me.

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