GL Best Lines Wednesday 3/12/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/12/08


Provided By Tanya

Wanda: You've forgotten.

Bill: No, I didn't forget. Happy birthday.

Wanda: The meeting today, the one with the European investor that I can't pronounce his name.

Bill: Is that today? I have my PDA right there.

Wanda: You are such a liar. I can tell you're out of breath. Ten to one you're all sweaty.

Bill: What are you insinuating, Wanda?

Wanda: I hope she's worth it.

Bill: Me, too.

Wanda: I knew it! Listen, you better get your butt in gear and high tail it to this office.

Bill: Yeah, see you in a bit. Look, if you see Lizzie, will you tell her my heart beats for her.

Alan: She gave up her daughter and chose to move back into the house on her own free will.

Beth: You're going to stand there and look me in the face and tell me that. I know you, Alan.

Alan: Yes, you know me, Beth. And you know what matters to me, you, Peyton, and Elizabeth. Now, I don't always get it right. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the people I love and my children, I generally get it wrong. But, Beth, you could help me. You could teach me to be a good father to Peyton.

Lizzie: Who is good enough. A guy like you?

Alan: All right, all right, make me the bad guy. Make me the bad guy! I am not going to sit on the sideline and watch you throw away your life with another loser.

Lizzie: Let me go, Granddad.

Alan: Do you think you're just another relative to me? Another relative that sits at the dining room table. You are my pride and joy.

Lizzie: Property, you mean.

Alan: No. Do you think I want all of these guard dogs around...

Lizzie: I think it makes your day!

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