GL Best Lines Tuesday 3/11/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 3/11/08


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: It's nobody's fault. People fall in love. It just happens.

Marina: No. This didn't just happen. Harley is afraid to be alone. And when she knew she lost Gus, she took the next best man to come along. He just happened to be mine.

Buzz: Look, you know, it's not like Cyrus and Harley killed anybody. They just fell in love.

Frank: Well, that pretty much sucks for Marina. Let me tell you, I held Harley’s hand during all her heart breaks, but this time--

Buzz: It's your daughter.

Frank: This time Harley’s feelings are going to take a back seat to Marina.

Buzz: Look, we can't make Cyrus choose Marina anymore than we can make Olivia choose you or me for that matter.

Daisy: All this time you told me to respect myself, not to jump in bed with Rafe, and Cyrus comes along, and all you care about is yourself.

Harley: No. I care about Marina.

Daisy: You stole Cyrus from her.

Harley: You know... I... I... yes, I wanted him. And... and I took him. I realize I sound like a hypocrite.

Daisy: You think?

Harley: Well, one day you'll grow up and become a mother and you'll realize you have to say one thing and do another.

Daisy: So everybody does it? You know what you'd say to me if I used that one.

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