GL Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/08


Provided By Tanya

Billy: Next.

Jonathan: Hey, Billy.

Billy: Mr. Lewis today.

Jonathan: Okay. All right. Okay, Mr. Lewis, I really need this job.

Billy: Application? Ah, does that say something about black or blue ink?

Jonathan: Yeah. I only had one of Sarah’s crayons.

Billy: Oh, real professional.

Jonathan: What is your deal? Look, I know I didn't go to MIT, but I know you didn't either. I know construction. I'll work my tail off for you. I promise that I won't embarrass you. On purpose.

Lillian: It sounds like an ear infection.

Beth: Either that or she was missing her daddy.

Lillian: Oh, no, sweetie, children don't cry for Alan. They cry because of him.

Cassie: So how is Sarah?

Jonathan: She's with Lizzie today.

Cassie: You two learning how to share, the baby, the dog?

Jonathan: Something like that. What about you?

Cassie: What about me?

Jonathan: Well, are you learning to share, Josh, the kids, God, Reva? I'm not judging. I'm joking.

Alan: Let him have Roxie! I always hated that dog anyway.

Lizzie: I love Roxie! You're missing the point! Jonathan has said he will ruin my life if I don't give up Sarah.

Alan: So he wants to play hardball, huh?

Lizzie: Yeah, and I need a bigger bat.

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