GL Best Lines Tuesday 3/4/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 3/4/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: I said I didn't want to be disturbed! Beth? I didn't hear you come in. Hello, sweetheart. My goodness, let me put this cigar out. I don't want anything to harm my baby girl. No, sir. Oh, Beth, did you see that? She smiled at me.

Beth: She's sleeping, Alan. That's gas.

Doris: Jim, do me a favor and go see if Chief Cooper left some of those great doughnuts. My office told me someone was making noise about officers not following official policies, something about no phone calls.

Rick: That's right. And as the honorable mayor you are, you came to right a wrong.

Doris: I am very hands-on.

Rick: I'll cut to the chase. Alan Spaulding is manipulating the justice system...

Doris: You're lucky he didn't drop-kick you into the lake with cement boots on.

Beth: Mel, Mel, have you seen Rick? Because I haven't seen him in over 24 hours.

Mel: Well, we do share a daughter, yes.

Beth: Yeah. And, um... do you ever talk about anything else?

Mel: You know, we are still friends, so--

Beth: And I'm glad. I'm glad that he has that. But if you know--

Mel: It's kind of lousy not knowing where your husband is, isn't it?

Beth: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Mel: No, I haven't seen Rick, but if I do see him, I'll let him know that you're looking for him.

Beth: Thank you, bitch.

Reva: How did I get here?

Jeffrey: You're a fixer.

Reva: I'm a fixer. That's kind of weird. It's always been that most people are trying to fix me. I kind of like it better that way.

Jeffrey: Too late.

Reva: Yeah, I know. I'm going to go back inside and see if Will is ready to go.

Jeffrey: I'll order the straightjacket.

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