GL Best Lines Monday 3/3/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 3/3/08


Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: She needs the soy formula because the milk makes her gassy. And if you go through this book, there is about every other page missing because she likes to rip the pages out. I know where she is ticklish. Lizzie doesn't know any of that stuff. That's what you need to tell the judge, that I know Sarah. I need to have full custody.

Mel: You have a criminal record. You don't have a job. You have a horrible reputation in this town.

Jonathan: Yeah, but... you're good.

Mel: Not that good.

Bill: Well, I'm a reasonable guy.

Reva: ( Laughs ) Since when? What's your part in all of this?

Bill: I am with Lizzie now.

Reva: Really?

Bill: Uh-huh.

Reva: Well, I really don't like that. And Jonathan may seem out of control, but so do you.

Mel: How soon before Josh is here?

Cassie: I don't think he's making it.

Mel: Cassie, he needs to be here.

Cassie: He wanted to be here. But church business. It’s hard to override God.

Lizzie: I thought if Jonathan got turned on enough, I could get him to let me tie up his hands and his feet.

Bill: What are you thinking?

Lizzie: He figured it out. And he threw me out.

Bill: He threw you out into the cold again.

Lizzie: This time he gave me a blanket.

Bill: He's a sweetheart.

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