GL Best Lines Thursday 2/21/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 2/21/08


Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: So, I thought being a minister meant that you can talk to God, not play God.

Josh: You're right.

Jonathan: I am?

Lizzie: He is? ( Laughs )

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely, you're right. You know what, I have no right to be telling anyone how to live their damn life, you know, I mean, how to raise a family or what marriage is all about. You're right.

Lizzie: Did you just curse on church property?

Jonathan: Joshua, you're loosening up. Have you been drinking?

Josh: Yeah, you know, you want to get your feet off the pew before I smack you? ( Laughter )

Jonathan: There he is. There he is. No, but seriously, I think that getting fired from this job is probably the best thing that has happened for you in years.

Lizzie: Jonathan.

Josh: No, no, that's fine. You know what? I've heard worse from my own congregation, from the press. But I am curious about something-- you guys could have gone to any judge in town, and that person would have married you like that. Why did you come to me?

Jonathan: To torture you.

Jonathan: I mean, we can upgrade it to a bigger diamond when we have money.

Lizzie: No, it’s... it's beautiful. I... I just care about family and us being together. You want to put it on me?

Jonathan: Yeah. Do you want me to do the down-on-one-knee thing?

Lizzie: Please don’t. Did Reva help you pick it out.

Jonathan: No, why?

Lizzie: You have good taste.

Jonathan: So you like cubic zirconium? Cool.

Lizzie: It better not be!

Jonathan: ( Laughs ) I'm just kidding. It's real.

Cassie: Remember when we were in your car and I was trying to figure when everything started to go so wrong?

Jeffrey: Cassie, really, there's no point.

Cassie: And it hit me. It hit me-- it was the very day that you and I split up.

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