GL Best Lines Wednesday 2/20/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 2/20/08


Provided By Tanya

Reva: Oh, no, I know Cassie’s in-- she's in deep trouble, too, but, you know, she had the, what do you call it?

Jeffrey: Mitigating circumstances.

Reva: Mitigating circumstances, yeah, she was out of her head with grief when she switched those paternity tests. But, you know, to listen to them, I mean, it's like-- now they want to go after Josh for trying to cover it up. Any judge would understand Cassie.

Jeffrey: He wasn't alone.

Reva: Oh, he's alone now, though. You know, I just came back from the church. They were having a nice, polite burning at the stake. Guess who's toast?

Jenny: Hi.

Josh: How you doing? Oh, man, it's cold, a cold day for running, don't you think?

Jenny: I'm Jenny.

Josh: Josh Lewis.

Jenny: I know. Is it true you've been suspended?

Josh: Wait a minute. Are you a reporter?

Jenny: Let me tell your story, Reverend.

Josh: No. You know what, you wouldn't be able to print my words.

Josh: Wait, wait, wait a second. Who you calling Reverend?

Reva: You have been suspended. You haven't been defrocked. Thanks.

Josh: Well, that's true, I'm still frocked, aren't I?

Reva: You are totally frocked.

Josh: Yeah, I would say so.

Cassie: I just keep hearing Tammy’s voice in my head saying life is nothing but choices. Until I think what choices did I make? What was the choice that made everything change, you know? What was the tipping point to this?

Jeffrey: You're going to drive yourself nuts trying to figure that out. Come on.

Cassie: Well, I have to know. I mean, what was it? Was it, when I switched the paternity test results? Was it falling in love with Josh? Was it back further, sending Will back to his father? Was it when I left you?

Jeffrey: Cassie, you can go all the way back to first grade, and you're never going to find the one, single moment that changed everything. Because it's not there. Everything matters. Every moment matters. Not just in the past, but also here and now.

Cassie: Well, that sounds good, but...

Jeffrey: But what? How do you do it? How do you live it? You just do, Cassie. You know, don't look back. Don't question what works. Just live it.

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