GL Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/08


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: Well, if it isn't the soup lady. Did you bring me more soup?

Natalia: No soup today.

Olivia: That's too bad. That was good soup. Not the "I'm sorry you lost your heart transplant" kind of good, but it wasn't bad.

Natalia: I told you, I would give you my heart if I could.

Olivia: What makes you think I'd take it? I know where it's been.

Natalia: So, I'm giving you the next best thing, something that will make you stay alive. I'm giving you Gus.

Natalia: Not just for you. All I've ever wanted was to marry Gus. And now, the way it started, it's ruined.

Olivia: No. You could fix it.

Natalia: Even if I could fix it, I'm not sure that I deserve him.

Olivia: Deserve him? What kind of woman are you?

Natalia: I'm the kind of woman who believes she should pay for her mistakes.

Olivia: If I had to pay for all of the mistakes I've made, I would be broke by now.

Olivia: The short version is I've got a bad heart, and if it don't get a new one...

Alan: I'm so sorry. Why didn't you tell me this?

Olivia: Are you kidding? You've wanted a new child in your life for so long, you would have seized this opportunity to get your hands on Emma.

Alan: That is not fair. I would have done everything in my power to ensure that you got the best care possible, and then I would put my hands on Emma.

Olivia: Well, at least you're honest.

Lizzie: Why now? Why didn't you take me up on my offer before?

Jonathan: Gee, I don't know, Lizzie. The thought of getting married again took a little getting used to.

Lizzie: I think that it's because of Bill. You saw him playing with me and Sarah, and you didn't like it.

Jonathan: Duh.

Lizzie: Well, "Duh" doesn't do it. Are you being jealous or just territorial? You don't want another guy poaching on your territory?

Jonathan: Which answer gets me a yes?

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