GL Best Lines Monday 2/18/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 2/18/08


Provided By Tanya

Cassie: Well, I'm sure they're not all that thrilled with this gal, either. But just so you know, I have no intention of apologizing to Beth or to the congregation.

Josh: Okay.

Cassie: So, I guess they're figuring out I was never meant to be a minister's wife.

Josh: No, you weren’t. You were just meant to be my wife.

Cassie: Alan, you want to see me suffer? Come on up to the porch, pull up a chair. My husband may lose his job. I may lose my marriage. My son needs constant care that I'm barely able to provide. So it's misery central here. Does that make you happy?

Alan: And I'm going to make it worse because I have instructed my lawyers to research the penalties for someone who switches tests. And I can guarantee you I am going to get a good hanging judge.

Harley: That would be a big mistake. Because then Cassie would have to take the stand to make her defense. And she would have to explain why she decided that a killer who had not paid for his crime would make an unfit parent. It's just... it could get ugly.

Alan: Yes. This was going to be Sarah’s crib.

Alexandra: Sarah?

Alan: Uh-huh.

Alexandra: Have we been skipping our medications or...

Alan: ( Laughs ) No. But Alexandra, since you've been gone, a lot has happened.

Alexandra: Like what?

Alan: Well, for starters, Sarah and Jonathan are alive and Jonathan and Elizabeth are working things out.

Alexandra: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait.

Alan: And that crib over there was supposed to be Sarah’s crib, but it will soon have in it, my daughter.

Alexandra: Your daughter?

Alan: Yes.

Alexandra: ( Laughs ) I've been a way for a while, but not nine months, Alan.

Marina: I don't understand. I thought that you were the one who thought that they made such a great couple.

Dinah: Well, they do. But so do you and Cyrus. I don't have a rooting interest, not yet. But you do. You can let Harley steal your guy or you can take action. It's called playing dirty. Interested? How many times in a row have you been dumped?

Marina: What does that have to do with anything?

Dinah: Well, I'm just saying, is anyone sensing a pattern here?

Marina: I'm sorry, didn't you just get a divorce?

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