GL Best Lines Tuesday 2/12/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 2/12/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Damn it, she needs my help.

Jonathan: Don't you think Tammy needed help? She didn't get it!

Alan: This is not about Tammy.

Jonathan: This is about Tammy!

Alan: Come on, not even you're this cruel, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I do not care what happens to Beth! I don't even care what happens to me! Ever since Tammy died, all I've cared about is my kid and what happens to you!

Jeffrey: I'm not looking for an out, Reva. And let me finish. You asked me if the complications were getting to me. I answered yes. But what you didn't ask me was if it was worth it? Well, the answer to that is also yes.

Reva: It's worth it?

Jeffrey: When have I ever not showed you otherwise?

Reva: Well you haven't, it's just...

Jeffrey: You're so worth it, Reva. You know, nothing is ever the way you expect it to be and I certainly didn't count on all this stuff with Alan and Jonathan and... the list goes on, doesn't it? But, you know, then I'll look at you and I'll see you smile or I'll hear you laugh or I'll see that little twinkle in your eye, like you have right now, and you walk into a room and you just light it up for me. Okay, I'll stop there.

Reva: No. No, keep going, please keep going.

Jeffrey: No, because complication is one thing and sappy is another, and you didn't sign up for sappy.

Jonathan: Is that a tear, Alan? How does it feel to lose everything that you love? It sucks, doesn't it? You know, I used to think the only way to get you back from Tammy was to take your life. Now I know better. I like to watch you suffer. I like to watch you want something so bad, and know that you will never get it.

Alan: Why don't you shoot me? It would be an act of kindness.

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