GL Best Lines Friday 2/1/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 2/1/08


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: No, no, you're not leaving. You're not leaving. You can't leave. You can't leave me right now.

Beth: Honey, honey, what I came here to say is this: I realized that you and Jonathan have to work things out because a child unites two people for the rest of their lives, whether they're together or not. You can do this. You can.

Bill: Please, don't act so concerned about Lizzie. It didn't stop you from taking Sarah the last time.

Jonathan: What's in it for you?

Bill: Hmm, well, Lizzie and I, we had something. I don't know where it's going to go just yet, but I think I'm going to give her a shot. But I'm not going to do it with a kid in the picture. Don't want to play house. So what would really help is if you take the kid and leave. In face, if I wanted to play house, I would have fought Olivia when she took Emma away from me.

Jonathan: Man, if Lizzie could hear you talk right now.

Bill: She'd get over it. She loves me. Look, she knows the kid is alive, all right? She doesn't have to walk around guilty anymore, and by the looks of things, I'm sure you're taking care of the kid. I mean, you look like hell but the kid looks pretty good. I'll take care of Lizzie.

Jonathan: You know, you do make me kind of sick.

Bill: Okay, let me put it into perspective for you: I can get any girl in this town I want, but I am willing to go out of my way and help you steal Lizzie’s kid. That must mean I'm pretty serious about giving her a shot at me, right?

Jonathan: You're a scumbag.

Bill: You're not too much better, Sparky.

Jonathan: I'm in.  

Mallet: Do you want me to go shoot the guy? I'll go shoot him.

Marina: No, no.

Mallet: You're better than this. You deserve better. And you'll find someone that's better.

Marina: I just did.

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