GL Best Lines Friday 1/18/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 1/18/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: We all make mistakes with our families, Reva. I wanted to have a cup of coffee with you because I wanted to tell you about a tasteful memorial service that I'm planning for baby Sarah, and I thought you might want to participate.

Reva: You're the reason they're gone.

Alan: It doesn't stop me from honoring her memory. She's the only good thing that ever came from that thug of a son of yours.

Reva: Keep it up, Alan. Next year we'll be celebrating your memorial.

Buzz: Dinah, I didn't try to kill your brother.

Dinah: Did I say that?

Buzz: I'm sorry about Bill. I really am. But this kind, nice person you're talking about, he left the building a long time ago.

Dinah: He's been through an awful lot, Buzz.

Buzz: Well, so have you, but you're not still hurting people. And if you were still shooting people and robbing banks, somebody might try to off you, too, you know?

Dinah: It's funny. You know, that bullet that went in my head? Messed up just about everything but my ability to sniff out liars. Now, you need to check yourself, Buzz, because I know you're hiding something. So when I figure it out, you can pretty much bet that nobody on this planet is going to be able to save you or your family.

Bill: So we got Coop down there selling some sob story right now on how he accidentally blew up my trailer and...

Dinah: How do you accidentally blow up a trailer?

Bill: Exactly. "Oh, I'm sorry, Frank, I meant to burn the place down, not blow it up."

Dinah: Frank?

Bill: Ridiculous. Every other cop in this town is a Cooper. It's like turning yourself in to your own family. Buzz on the phone, I mean, he has the nerve to tell me, "Oh, Coop was upset, he'd been drinking." Give me a break. I'm probably blind for the rest of my life because your kid can't hold his liquor.

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