GL Best Lines Tuesday 1/15/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 1/15/08


Provided By Tanya

Marina: They're not together, okay? I'm sure of it.

Remy: Yet.

Marina: And I'm going to do everything that I have to do to keep it that way. God help me if they figure out what I've lied about.

Remy: Well, how's that going to happen?

Marina: I don't know, Remy, the look on my face.

Remy: You're a better liar than you think.

Marina: Okay, gee, thanks.

Remy: So, you know what you got to do, right?

Marina: Go to church.

Remy: Well, that never hurts, but I'm talking about something more practical.

Marina: Why do I think I'm not going to like this?

Remy: You've got to get Harley out of town for a while.

Marina: I was wrong; I hate this.

Olivia: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm canceling three months worth of weddings, okay? It's costing me a lot of money. Do you think I'd actually do that just to keep you and your childhood sweetheart from tying the knot?

Natalia: Uh-huh, and I think you're getting off cheap.

Olivia: I think you're delusional.

Natalia: And I think that you're...

Gus: Hey, ladies, what's going on? Something's going on.

Natalia: So, listen to this, all of a sudden the ballroom of this hotel is falling apart. And it's so bad that we're going to have to put off our wedding. Actually, we might have to cancel the whole thing, right?

Olivia: I don't know. She thinks I climbed on the roof and poked holes in the ceiling just to ruin your wedding.

Natalia: No, I just think that you're lying.

Olivia: Listen, believe it or not, this is a really difficult situation for a lot of people.

Gus: Whoa, why don't we just take this from the beginning?

Natalia: Okay, I will sum the whole thing up for you. Two words, rhymes with "flying witch."

Alan: I want you to know I saw Rafe earlier and planted a few seeds about you.

Olivia: Is he coming after me?

Alan: No, no, no. I just want him to question this marriage between Gus and his mother. You know, he's very loyal to her.

Olivia: It's such a good thing you're not constrained by feelings like that.

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