GL Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08


Provided By Tanya

Marina: You're cute when you're law abiding. But you taught me a very important lesson when it comes to the law and love.

Cyrus: Well, that's me. This is you. You're Detective Marina Cooper.

Marina: Ex-detective.

Cyrus: Not anymore. When you were away, I worked a little magic. They're going to give you your badge back. I know it's what you wanted.

Marina: Yeah. And then you and Harley get what you want-- you can run the agency without me.

Buzz: The election was rigged. And I found out.

Harley: How? Who would do that?

Buzz: Who cares? What matters is I almost went along with it. I need... forget about everybody else. But sooner or later you have to take responsibility.

Harley: Are you trying to say something to me?

Buzz: Yeah. What the hell are you doing?! I was at your house! I saw you and Cyrus!

Lizzie: Bill, don't do it. Come on. You've already proven to your dad that you can stand on your own.

Bill: Oh, my goodness. See, you think this is personal? It's not.

Lizzie: Make it personal between you and me.

Bill: Are you making me a counteroffer?

Lizzie: Drop the Main Street project, find something else that starts your engine.

Bill: Well, if I remember correctly, you turned me down.

Lizzie: Like you said, let's keep it simple. The project goes and I stay.

Bill: Mmm.

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