GL Best Lines Thursday 12/27/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 12/27/07


Provided By Tanya

Bill: Yeah. Last night was...

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Look, I don't want to draw this out, but I've got something to say.

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: You're fired.

Lizzie: You bring me flowers and then tell me that I'm fired.

Bill: It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Lizzie: I can't believe I fell for your stupid tricks a second time. You want to talk about an idiot, I am an idiot.

Bill: You are not an idiot.

Lizzie: I almost slept with you.

Bill: Really? You did?

Lizzie: Yes. No, no. You're playing with me. Out! Get out!

Bill: You realize how cute you are when you're upset?

Lizzie: Go, go, Ava is waiting for you, and probably her mom, too. You've got a whole line around the block.

Ava: Please don't be mad at me, okay? You know that I love Coop, right? I love him. You know I love him. And sometimes a girl has needs, you know, gets lonely, that sort of thing. This happened, and I was there, and Bill was there. Before you know it, one thing happened and clothes were coming off, and, you know, leopard skin underwear. I slept with your ex-husband, and I'm very sorry about that. You're probably going to call me a whore right now, aren't you?

Olivia: No. It's a little weird...

Ava: It's not serious. If there were any kind of indication that you were in love with him, you know that I would have nothing to do with that. And if you ever want me to help you to get back with him, I would totally do that because you are much more important to me on any day than Bill is. So just tell me to stop if you want me to stop.

Olivia: I want you to stop.

Ava: Okay, done. Never again.

Olivia: No, I want you to stop talking. Look, you're a big girl. You've got to make your own decisions and Bill's available, though I think you really need to be careful with him right now. But, you know, if you're alone and lost and looking for some comfort, well, look, why not?

Ava: That's it?

Olivia: Yeah. Consider Bill part of your inheritance.

Roc: No, actually, I'm doing some other projects for an old colleague of mine. Jeffrey O’Neill, do you know him?

Ava: Jeffrey is my father.

Roc: (Laughs) He's your father. Well, then, dinner is absolutely out of the question. Jeff is a good friend, but he also happens to be a trained killer.

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