GL Best Lines Thursday 12/20/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 12/20/07


Provided By Tanya

Ava: "Electoral fraud: Illegally interfering with the election process in order to have a certain outcome."

Ashlee: Wow, those are some big words you found on the World Wide Web.

Ava: You fixed the election so Buzz would beat Doris, your mother. You were an attempted murderer last year, and this year electoral fraud. Fantastic.

Ashlee: And now you have me exactly where you want me.

Ava: Yes. I do.

Lillian: But I'm not naive. I lived in the Spaulding mansion for many years. You tried, but you couldn’t. People like you come and go.

Doris: Right now I really need to go.

Lillian: Well, I wish you would be gone. In the meantime, I'll be watching you.

Doris: Good. Then you can let me know if I have anything in my teeth.

Superintendent: I hope at least I get an increase in salary. Superintendents, we aren't making tips.

Buzz: You were going to go over the new curriculum with me, weren't you?

Superintendent: Right, right. Could I get another cup of coffee, Buzz? Decaf if you have it.

Doris: With all due respect, sir, you are in a meeting with the mayor, not a short-order cook. Buzz Cooper was able to flatten me in the election, so don't mistake his niceness for weakness. He is someone that you are gonna want on your side and if you cross him, he is liable to cut your salary in half, if he decides to keep you at all. Now, you had questions about the curriculum, Buzz?

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