GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/18/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 12/18/07


Provided By Tanya

Ava: Look at this one. You want to borrow it? It would look great on you. Short.

Natalia: I don't know. I mean, I've already got a ring, so I don't have to dress like a...

Ava: Like a Spaulding?

Natalia: Exactly.

Gus: The restaurant says a big fancy party came in and they had to bump our table. But don't worry about it, I've got another... I always have a plan.

Natalia: What are we going to do? It's late.

Gus: It's a little place I know. It's a little place. How can I describe it? Let me just say it's the type of place my father would never go to.

Natalia: Now I'm intrigued.

Josh: I know that. I just needed to think. I needed to figure this thing out. You know, being a father again. Being a husband. Doing both well and not letting down either Will or Cassie. Right now, he needs unconditional love from his mother, there's no doubt about that. But kids, you know, they also need... all of them need someone to tell them about right and wrong and show them that the world is a big place and there's a lot of people in it and there's good and there's bad and you've got to learn to work with others. It's not just that they need that, but they want it. Even when they don't realize it, they want it.

Reva: Wow! (Laughs) You're really good at this!

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