GL Best Lines Wednesday 12/12/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 12/12/07


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Why does he have to change? It's not like the rest of us are all saints.

Matt: Some of us know how to admit when we screw up.

Dinah: Oh, yeah, like when you slept with me?

Lizzie: I told your dad I'd look out for you. Looks like somebody beat me to it.

Bill: Well, thank you for stopping by. It means a lot.

Lizzie: Yeah, I can see how you're suffering.

Bill: Do not tell me that you are jealous.

Lizzie: (Scoffs) Of her? I may be ambitious, but I've never had to sleep my way to the top.

Bill: Well, that's because you were born there. But, really, it is nice to know that you care.

Lizzie: I don’t. Like I told you before, I promised your dad that I would look out for you, whether you deserve it or not.

Bill: And how is Billy, hmm? Where is he right now? Closing a bar?

Lizzie: He's on his way to rehab.

Bill: Really? No tricks this time? No stealing cars, no getting drunk, nothing?

Lizzie: Officer Bennett is taking him, and this time he'll be staying.

Bill: Well, here's hoping. Now, she and I, we... we go way back.

Lizzie: Right. What, like ten minutes? That's a lifetime in your world.

Buzz: No. It's about your son. Look, I know you've got your hands full here, but I... you know, you're my friend, so I want you to have the option.

Billy: Well, this sounds like a threat.

Buzz: No. I'm the mayor. I'm above all of that.

Billy: What's he done?

Buzz: It's what he might do to me, my family, my friends and the whole town that we both love. I mean, Billy, he's got to be out of the picture, you know? Either you get rid of him, or I will.

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